Elder Swanger has been called to serve in the Tulsa Oklahoma, spanish speaking mission.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Email May 31st 2011

Dustin: Are you there today?

Leah: I am. How are things going?

Dustin: Things are going to be very busy but not at the same time. There are going to be so many people that are coming to help in the restoration effort that we have to be assigned to go there. We have 600 [people] from the Church in Joplin over the week end. 10,000 volunteers in general from across the country. You know about the Alabama tornado? We have surpassed them where the [recovery] work done is concerned! It is crazy and yes I now have my yellow shirt.

The Yellow Mormon Helping Hands shirts go to any one that is joined with us to do the work. We have had investigators and non members in them. I would like to send you pictures but I am looking for the adapter. OH, having my boots would be nice. It is full of nails and fun stuff like that and they would like to have us in boots. I don't know when I will be there next. I have boots. The leather ones will be good.

Dustin: [More about the tornado] Think of it this way the tornado itself was 1/2 mile wide and it was left a 6 mile footprint. Inside the footprint most building don't even have frames left. But what I was talking about is we have done more recovery work than Alabama has done. All of the houses that can be saved are patched up and the debris is cleaned up off their yards and Alabama is still working on the second part. We have so many people here they just don't know what to do with them. To let you know, yes we were there yesterday because we were assigned, and I will tell you why the death toll is raising so slow.

Imagine a 5 gallon bucket of hands.

Leah: That means they are still finding body parts? I know that they are using finger prints and dental records to identify those killed and that it is a slow process.

Dustin: And DNA that is even slower. About a month. So how was your super busy week?

Leah: It hasn’t happened yet. [He is referring to the week leading up to seminary graduation.]

Leah: I was looking at pics online of the before and after. It is amazing.

I am sending a letter that is very detailed of the night of the tornado. I tell you how crazy life is right now. We have not had a single proselytizing day since the tornado!

Well the letter to the president is done and it looks like it is time to go.

Les amo( love y'all)

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