Elder Swanger has been called to serve in the Tulsa Oklahoma, spanish speaking mission.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday 20 Aug 2010

Shay, the song that we did for my farwell is very appropriate for missionary work. It has been done here like 3 times already. We had the coolest Devo. Three people that wrote hymns for the hymn book spoke, and we sang all of their songs. I don't know what the password is on my cumputer. I think that it is La la la. it has three words that are 1 sybille and are the same, Like the Hint Bla bla bla. just go for it and I hope that you can figure it out. If not you can boot it up using the disc to reinstall everything on it. Also It would be nice to have some music by the time that I get out in the field. I cannot listen to it now it is against the rules but I can in the field. What some of the other Elders here do is have there family send CDs with recorded messages to them, I think that is cool. I think that cousins could do that at family get togethers. Oh, today is my p-day and I can only write to you on these days. you will be getting a CD and don't freek out when you see it. Also be sure to keep money in my checking because i am have like $60 in cash left because I have been buying supplies for learning and you have no Idea how many notes we write in a day.
A couple other things that I need is a pack of air fresheners. My place here stinks like a gym and others have been doing the same thing and it is working. also talk with Bro. Silvan before you send the next package because he has the Tie Tack to send. it is sad but everyones parents have been sending candy and using Dear Elder to send cookies and donuts. By the way they are good. Oh the MTC is a place made by our father because there are trees here that smell like heaven. There is one that smells like pink starbursts, orange creamsicle, and other things like that it is sweet! It is kind of funny, there are a lot of tree smellers here not tree hugers.
O, I just read the part about the waterproof paper that is the Med ID and I am not sure that I like that Idea. you can choose I like the taste that you have so just make sure that it is black to match my suits.
gtg bye,

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