Elder Swanger has been called to serve in the Tulsa Oklahoma, spanish speaking mission.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Letter Fri. 13 Aug 2010

My companion is Elder Stoddard and he is from Grace Idaho. We got here at the same time so we are on the same page. Which is nice. The spirit is so strong here and so constant that i would think that i am in a temple. I love it. Today was the first day that we were able to go to the temple and I will be going every week at 7 oclock in the morning. I know what you mean when I was slow and you had to wait for me. I am glad that I stopped for your sanity. My companion takes for ever getting ready and it drives me nuts. I am ready and showered and all in 30 min. And it takes him and hour without showering! I am sorry that I was ever slow.

Yo se el Libro de Mormón es le plalabras de Dios. I like reading it for an hour a day before personal study even begins. I like that they keep us so busy because I hate having nothing to do. Whenever we have free time we are contacting others in the MTC and have to get at least 10 but someone showed us a secret and yesterday we got 22. The highest ever for our Zone. Tell Joe that i really like geting the letters from him daily and if he wants he can send one in braille. I think I know all the letters but if he does, I want the Alphabet. And No contractions! My district leader, Elder Alderman thinks it is awesome that someone in your situation could have so much faith and talent to write to me every day. Please Keep it up. (Joe says it's not talent but a blessing)

I can speak about 40% Spanish and I think that is amazing after only learning it for a week. Everything I learned up to now does not count because it was slang. My teacher is geting married nextweek on Wednesday and we all want to go to the reception but we know that we can´t leave the campus. Our second teacher said that he would love to take us but Hno. Nelson would kill him and he would be fired which is worse than death. Hno. is the abbreviation for brother.

Just a couple questions for you to answer. ¿If you were a shoe, what would you be and why? ¿If you were a Star Wars Character who would you be and Why? (anyone can answer these for Dustin)

For the Primary - Being in the MTC is the most fun that I have had in years. Your learn so much and get to feel the Espiritú Santo every minute of every day. I love being here and learning how to preach the Lords Gosple in spanish. Learn to do what the Lord wants you to do and he will bless you so much and you will be happy.

Oh, I am almost out of time. Man the time is wierd here. A day feels like a month a month feels like a day and I was told a year feels like a week.


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