Elder Swanger has been called to serve in the Tulsa Oklahoma, spanish speaking mission.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

10 September 2010

10 September 2010

My family,

Sorry for not being able to email sooner or first or at all whatever it will be. I am unsure if I will be able to email you because my companion has doctor’s appointment and I have no idea when I will be able to write to you. We have to go to a “real” doctor, outside the MTC. The scheduled it for our p-day because they don’t want us to miss class.

Thank you for responding to the questions I sent you. Here is my fun question of the week. If you were a meat, what kind would you be, and how would you be cooked? You probably don’t know but we get to go to gym every day. I go to the field and play beach volley ball. I sweat a lot and I always have to shower. The sand is awesome to land on but you get muddy quick.

I received a package from Darren & Kathy (Grandma and Grandpa too) but there no was return address. If you could include in your next package the address of the family. Thanks!

The language is really picking up. We are going over and learning about 100 to 150 new words a day. Crazy! Now I am at the doctor’s place. It is weird going out into Babylon. We even got lost trying to find the right building.

I have got your package and like the picture of Tori. I have one question for you about the package, why are there three pictures of Val doing random things in the gym and outside in the field? Is it so that I can solicit her to the other missionaries here? Lol! Btw, is she dating anyone yet? I really hope she is.

If you want to send me candy you can but I have a lot right now. The last group of elders that left gave me all of their candy.

Mom & Dad, when you left Utah to go home, did you ever go through the Provo Temple? Today I really notice that the temple grounds are really pretty. I will try to take pictures on Sunday. The grounds are more beautiful than the Portland Temple. The temple itself is in a weird shape. Maybe after I leave and you can come visit Darren & Kathy and look at and go through the temple.

To switch subjects on you, I think I could have tonsillitis. I went and they did a swab test to see if I have strep, but it came back negative. Last night I stopped one of the wife’s of a member of our branch presidency and asked what the signs are and you can tell they are what we call missionary mothers because they checked my tonsils, looked down my throat, and checked my temp. It was funny, I stopped them and spoke to them in Spanish and they had the look of a deer staring into headlights. I’m sure I had the same expression on my face the first week I was here.

The package that Darren & Kathy sent, Sara drew a picture for me, of me. Grandma explains that she is really into skulls right now. The picture is a skeleton missionary. It is actually a pretty good picture. They also sent me some skittles, lots of cookies, and air borne along with a couple of letters.

I got my first hair cut. We are trying to get a haircut every two weeks, but it is difficult to get in. I don’t think the stylist are that good. The sister I had, gave me a fo-hawk. I don’t think that is allowed. Everyone else comes out with a military looking hair cut and I came out looking like a punk. Lol!

To the cousins: CTR, HLB or what ever language you want it to be in. Remember you are not just kids, but a child of God! If you could choose the color of the sun, what color would it be?

Wow, there must be something wrong with his foot because he is taking a long time.

Today was the first time that we did a TRC or oh, I don’t remember, but we go and do a task like share a meal or go shopping in Spanish alone. Then with what you learned about to the person you teach a lesson. This past week we had to do it all in Spanish. Usually you don’t teach in all Spanish until you’re at your half way point. My companion, who does not think he can speak Spanish very well, had a panic attack and we had to go over to the urgent care again. I bet that they now our names by now. In the doctor’s office here at the MTC they know me by name. But the TRC went really well. We or I committed the “investigator” to watch General Conference. It was awesome!

I tried to take the traditional picture with the MTC sign, but the sign is not there! It makes me sad. Also something strange the people in my district don’t want to take the picture with everyone pointing at the mission map where they are going. It makes me sad!

This week we moved, again, rooms and now we have room mates. It is weird that we actually are sharing a room with two other people. They are awesome though. We knew them before, oh, one of them has received four letters now and he going to leave here in two weeks. It would be really nice if you or someone would write him. His name is elder cook. You can send it to my districts mailbox. He is from Hawaii.

I believe I asked for more ties because some of mine are falling apart. If I could suggest colors, yellow, orange, green are the colors that I do not have. I am trying to get one of every color. I have a red tie that I traded for. They can be fun and if you write on the back, I will for sure not trade it.

We have “sports” every day or gym, and in the field a work out every morning.

Right now my companion makes me laugh because he is on pain meds for his foot. Loopy!

I joined the MTC choir. They just started to have practices again. Before we were let out of choir we were able to sign up for MTC special choir. I think it is the choir for the priesthood session of conference. I really want to be in that choir! I will let you know if I get in or what the choir is for. I think it would be awesome to be in the choir for general conference! Priesthood.

I hope that you enjoyed this really long letter. I know that I probably wrote a lot but hey I went to three doctor appointments. This was my entertainment. Sorry if it did not make sense but be glad I did not write in Spanish.

I have been talking with our chauffer, who went to my mission, and I just want to go out there sooner! I was thinking about making it six pages but I think I will stop.


E’ Swanger

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