Elder Swanger has been called to serve in the Tulsa Oklahoma, spanish speaking mission.

Friday, September 24, 2010

24 September 2010

Hola otra vez!

OK i am going to start with the news that I had to wait all week to tell you. They canceled the MTC Choir until after General conference! and I am in the MTC special choir that will be proforming at the priesthood general Conference session.!!!! How amazing is that! I have never been to see a general conference, and no joke almost every person here has, and the first time that I am going to go I am IN IT!!. There are only about 10 people that have not been to a gerneral conference before and there are 360 something in the choir. They were picked out of 2500 people here at the MTC. We are currently above the max capacity by about 200. It is alittle crouded.

You can tell JR that I will be sending him a letter today. This week I have really been helping people mainly the new guys that need help with spanish which is funny because I myself go the the tutor about once a week. Twice this past week.

You wanted to know cuando (when) I leave and it is going to be on the 6th de octubre (of October). I got my travel plans yesterday and leave and 3 o´clock in the morning. My compaƱero is not happy that we have to get up that early. LOL. I really don´t have alot that I want to say right now.

About the choir, you should have seen me when I gat the acceptance letter I was jumping up and down. I will send more info on this in a letter.

Again the reason that I don´t have a lot to say right now is because I doin´t have me notes with me. But I do remember some of the things that were in you letters that I wanted to talk about. One of them is music. Here and the tienda (sorry I forgot the word in english) they have music and I have speakers and a CD player. There is a lot of music here that we don´t have at home and I can get it for 20% off being a missionary. I already got the Handel Halleluya: Mo Tab CD.There are lots of others that look realy good. I might grab one right after this.

Some of the songs that I want I am sending in the letter because I already have it writen down. I did that last night.

I don't know if I already told you but there is an elder here that is a great artist and he drew a picture just for me. Moroni walking to go and bury the plates. also I got pics that he drew earlier of the Title of Liberty and a scene of the aftermath of battle. They are amazing.I have two songs that I want you to listen to. Himno pagina 88 in the spanish libro de himno. It is very pretty and only in the spanish book. there is another one, but I don't remembr the number but I want you to lesten to the songs de wizard of OZ because it is the mellody of one of the songs. I will send it in my letter.

Bueno suerte en el futuro y sus trabajos.
I am runing low and Tel so I will have to say goodbye for now.
E' Swanger

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