Elder Swanger has been called to serve in the Tulsa Oklahoma, spanish speaking mission.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

3 September 2010

Thanks for the pic and I really like the way that I look now after looking at that. Getting in for a haircut is really hard because there are a lot of poeple that are trying to get in and so far I have not been able to get one and that makes me sad. the Exersices that they have me doing really help and I am back to normal life and even playing soccer again. But only goaly. Again this week we did not get any room mates and are we are the only ones on our district that are alone. The elders right next to us are awsome and one of them is from England and I think that He is a convert.
Sorry this letter is going to be speratic because I did not have time to plan out ahead of time what it is that I am going to say. The language is doing really well in fact, today I am beginning to help to teach it to the new districts in our zone. thanks for sending me my P blessing it is nice to be able to read it and see that all of what it says is true. about the SD card. When I left, I left one SD card there and on the mirror in the hall. I believe that I told val who it was for. OK, my health status. I am still sick and saw the doctor yesterday and it is just a head cold but because you never really get a break to really relax you keep them (colds) for a long time. Also the real reason that I went to the docter is because my district made me. I have had really red eyes and they were scared that it was Pink eye. Thankfully it is not but just a similar eye infection. My eyes have not gupped at all, thats how he knew and he said that all the sicknesses in the MTC are the same just getting passed around.
I liked that you sent me chopsticks in two different packages that was funny and the district got a kick out of it. There is an Elder here that is french and I really want to go up and talk with him because he is the only native speaker here but my companion keeps saying no. Triste. Oh the Elder that I am going to be teaching is Elder Bernard from England, (my neighbor)
Those skittles were awsome but taste nasty! Oh please tell me you have not replaced the tree in the garden yet. I am going to try and get one of the seeds of the trees that smell amazing and will send it to you if you have not already planted a tree. If you have there may be a spot to plant it if you are not going to fix the pool. I love the tree and really would like one back home. and all the kids will love the tree. It is a pine but does not produce a lot of needles and does not get very wide.
quiero ticlar un carta en espaƱol pero ustedes no intienden todos los cosas en mi carta.
I am almost out of time so Expect a letter like usual and you sill did not anwser whether or not you sent my music to the guy that I asked. In the future it would be a little nice to know a little of what has been going on at home because I still have no idea beside what Joe writes me.
Joe please explain well in a letter what MS is and your experience in receiving it and Chiro. My companion likes to tell your story but there questions that are asked that I can´t answer that can be answered in those subjects . Thanks y´all and it would be nice to get a CD with a family mesage. Joe you can put your account on that? It would be easy, oh, and can you describe how it is that you can type blind because that confuses people here.

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