Elder Swanger has been called to serve in the Tulsa Oklahoma, spanish speaking mission.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

1 September 2010


I am going to start off with the miracle that happened. E’ Rubalcava was the person that got hurt and I told you about in the last letter. He kicked the ball at the same time as someone else and somehow tore his meniscus in his knee. I was there on the field when it happened. On Tuesday, he went to a surgeon and he saw in the ex-rays and MRI’s and can even feel the tear in his knee. Tuesday night, the night before the surgery, his companion game him a blessing. I was not there for it, but I wish I was.

When the surgeon went in with a camera there were no problems with the knee of any kind. I have seen the pictures of the inside of his knee and know that there is now nothing wrong with it. He is drugged because he went in there and did the prep for the surgery. I love high missionaries, they are so funny. One of the pics you will see is all of us getting high.

I share an online Spanish investigator with three other people. It is not a real investigator though it is a teacher here, but it is great for practice. I am really getting the language down but my companion is not. If you could please give me some hints because he is really getting discouraged. He is the only elder in my district that cannot speak Spanish all day.

The reason that I have been hanging around a sister is because I am helping her with her French. I know what you are thinking, that I need to concentrate on Spanish, but she has been here for 5 weeks and really does not get it. The next time we meet I came up with a great way for her to learn to read out loud because nothing is spelled the way it sounds. I love flash cards.

My companion was given the calling that I want, music coordinator. E’ Stoddard does not do well with stress and having a calling on top of everything else we have to do here is very hard on him. You will love the pictures you will get, we really had fun with it. I took pictures of a painting and prints that an elder gave me. He had several hundred because his dad painted them. The Joseph’s first prayer is what E’ Ranes looks like. The guys here want you to send a picture of my grad pic or beach pic where I have a light blue Hawaiian shirt on. Also a pic of the dogs, if possible the cat in the same pic. Is T-bone still trying to eat the cat? There is a Hawaiian on my floor and someone from my district has lived in 10 or more countries. Dad high ranking dude in air force.

I like my hair this long, it looks good and I do have to fix it every morning, but showers are in the morning anyway. The showers here are fun. There are people screaming in them all the time. The temp goes HOT then COLD to the extreme. My companion and I have never had roommates and we really want them. We got 2 more districts and we still don’t have roommates! I am scared to get a haircut. They are free but they just do what ever they want. My companion had longer hair but I don’t know now. I am waiting for him to get out.

Oh, take the virtual tour of this place, it is pretty. What is the temp at home for this week? Have you hit 120°?

E’ Swanger


Yes another letter. In your package you forgot my p-blessing and line of authority. Also if you dear elder me the symptoms of ear infections vs strep, I think I might have strep because I have had a sore throat for a week and my throat has white spots and there are red dots but it is more pink than a real white. My nose has also been running which is why I thought It was allergies but it would be nice to know for sure. You sent me one chopstick by the way.

Everyone here gets packages that are shoe box size and bigger, so I was really excited tobe getting one. I was shocked at the size, but oh well. We go contacting to other missionaries to practice the language and approaching people. Oh, mints don’t count as candy. I do love them though. The bacon air freshener was a good touch, but it really smells nasty. Lol. Is it the same one that I gave Val for Christmas?

My location is the farthest from everything on campus. If you found a map of it, I’m in 13M top floor. Somos missioneros de la inglesia do Jesa Cristo de los Santos de los eltimos dias. Lol. Say that 40 times a day. I was playing ont eh piano and someone over heard and asked if I would accompany them for a devo. I said that I don’t read music well and don’t really have time to practice but will give it a shot. Luck with that.


E’ Swanger

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