Elder Swanger has been called to serve in the Tulsa Oklahoma, spanish speaking mission.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

1 October 2010

Today was the last time that I get to go to the temple. I liked it but They didn't let me do the service because my compainion is sick with a little cough but we may have said that he is really sick because we were speaking in spanish. LOL but all is good I just get to Email you earlier.
I am so excited tomarrow is the big day and for me and my companion it is an all day event. One of my teachers is going to be there and I am soooo EXCITED! Is Shay sill working with Mr. Henderson? I am only curious because I send that card through you to him. Thanks to whoever delivered it. I don't recall If i said but I would like to get the shin splint sox because we are to try and do somthing active everyday and I was told be someone that just returned from my mission that the spanish people play soccer a lot!!
Sorry but this letter is going to be alittle short because the internet is being funny on this end. OH Joe you are fired! the whole time that I have been here you have given me a spititual thought every day and yesterday was the first time that you repeated a thought. That is still amazing that you can do that but I was betting that you could not repeat a thought for the whole time that I am here.
You can put the pics that you wanted to on the ipod, I just didn't want to have a lot on there because I would like a variety of music on there. I don't think that I will ever give up on my music ever. It has aloud me to connect with alot of people here and other elders want to know when I play so they can come listen. I can play improve hymns now. my Poor wayfaring man of grief sounds so good.
For a warm up I play Finale and that usually draws a croud so I've stoped. LOL
Les amo! (love y'all) I love the letters that I get from cousins they are Awsome! Thanks for your support!
My time just went up.
We had a day in the field were we taught others all day long 7 lessons a day. It was very tiring and my compainion didn't likeit. But I loved it. I don't think he liked I because he has a sore throut and is lossing his voice and he wants to sing tomarrow at conference and the doctors said that he might have to lip sinc. I am sending pics in the mail and the music if you are making a scrap book. we are to keep small ones with pics of family pets companions and other things to help us connect with investigators. They have a new way of things that we will learn when we get out in the field. Our teachers heard that it is better! I had to get my suit drycleaned for the conference and have to buy a couple other things before I leave but I am getting the least expensive things I can find but Everything here is 40% off so I am getting things here. Chruch printed things are at cost to make.
Les amo!
E' Swanger

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