Elder Swanger has been called to serve in the Tulsa Oklahoma, spanish speaking mission.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

25 October 2010 (part 2)

The first is that I gave my first talk in Spanish and it was so hard because it was in Spanish but every one was really nice about it and asked how long I had been on a mission. My anwser really suprises them. The second is that we watched a parade. The whole town here stops for the parade and we knew that the people that we had set up to teach were in the parade and we were right. It was one high schools homecoming and all of the middle schools and the elementary schools were in it too so there was going to be no one at their house.

Emergency information can be texted to xxxxxxxxx don't give this number out! this is the phone number of the cell that I carry with me. I cannot reply. Don't send me alerts about bad weather because we already get those. I was told that you should never have to use this number again so just get rid of it after you use it. It is the phone number for this area. I was at a dinner appiontment and the person wants to meet you. (mom) That got me thinking. are you still planning on coming down here to pick me up? (Dustin couldn't remember the pin for his debit card)

BTW regular chips with hotsauce is really good. Also cucumber with lime and a tiny bit of salt is really good. OK something that I learned last night at dinner. Thats when I do the most speaking. We learned the Spanish form of spanglish. Like we add an -o to the end of every word they add -eshon to the end of everyword. It was very hard to understand. There I had my first bad hispanic food. Monudo. It is so gross. It is cow stomach. Thankfully we didn't have to eat all of it, just until the fish was done cooking, so we talked a lot so we didn't eat very much. Also there was a really funny joke that even makes sense in English.

Don't be afraid to send more pis of the fam and the animals.

Have you studied not just read True to the Faith? It is really good. I love it. Reading about things that we teach about you get alot of insights that I never thought of before. One thing that we teach is that you pray before you study to understand that which you are studying and recieve revelation. This really works you should also try that. Then pray again but I forgot what to specifically ask for.

OK, so I am out of notes for right now. O I am getting a copy and green eggs and ham because there is a missionary copy that we like to glue into It but right now it is hard to find the book.

The SD card. Are you going to take the pics off and put them onto a flashdrive or something like that? I am printing pictures off here and putting them into a pic thing. Random thought. My companion looks like a deacon. and I look like I am like 22, lol that is whot the miembros dijieron.

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