Elder Swanger has been called to serve in the Tulsa Oklahoma, spanish speaking mission.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

18 October 2010

The lessons or discussions that we teach every week are only around 15 minutes, but they run about 1 hour or longer because it is hard to leave and it is rude not to finish the conversation, also about the food I only eat one plate but they really fill it up. After you eat the food, all the food that they give you then you can say that you can't physically eat any more.

I like both snailmail and email but would still profer snail mail because I still only have a limited time on the computer it is only 45 min because I have to write the Mission President.

I have had my first real funny! I said for my companion, "Mi companero necisita espacia para su pie." The tranlation is "my companion needs room for your food." I ment to say pai or pie in ingles. O man the people are funny,. and there are so many different dialics of spanish. I will be able to talk in all of them like my companion can by the end of my mission. My companion has one more transfer left which is how the missionaries out here measure time. I am his first and only "son" or person that that he has trained. Everything has a nickame out here and we have to learn them because we would not be able to talk to the people and understand what they are saying and vis versa.

My companion, Elder Homes is from Utah and loves baseball. That is his biggest thing and he loves to laugh. It is hard sometimes to get through companionship study becasue we willl be laughing so hard. He likes music but doesn't care to play it. He does know one song on the piano.
Before I forge,t the rule about music was altered. The name is still the same songs of the restoration but that can include anything that you think could be found in a church store that is still not counrty,etc.; be played in a sacrament meeting; or is a soundtrack from a church movie. Still no classical. That makes me sad, I want water music so bad. O there is a song that we have been listening to that is to the song jupiter, the middle slower section and the first words are holy father it is driving me and companion nuts we can't find the name of the song and he swears it is in the himnario.

Don't forget the photos and I will frame the one with the family and if you want you can just send it framed. Other than that I don't really have that much to ask for that I am not going to buy here. I am getting sheet protectors so that I can save some things and make a scrape book here.

I love the spanish people, they are so kind and (the white people too) more than back home. We were tracking down this street that the english elders told us had alot of hispanics and found this hispanic BBQ and we got one return apiontment and as we were leaving the person that we didn't talk to, because he was running in and out of the house getting things becasue he was cooking, yelled at us and asked if we wanted to eat. So, of course, we did. He hates his church but knows that we are to go to church and said that he is going to try ours. He only lives a block from the church anyway. When his wife cameback from her work we found out that she is a past investigator that was lost when she moved. Then she got married which is something that hispanics for some reason don't like to do. She even had a date for baptism and my compaion has been trying to find her for like 2 transfers. One tranfer is 6 weeks.

Because a lot of people throughout the day offer us food or a pop. We cannot say no. We do sometimes if it is a member. Just for the pop. They don't drink water here, it is mainly jugo. The white people drink water though. I think I am becoming racist, my conpanion is and is doesn't care to hide it. Yesterday we got 6 people that we are going to try and see, but that takes awhile because our area s so big. It is the Stake and so far I have only been in 4 cities that are in the estaca. Today is the day that we try to work off all of the stuff that we ate. We are playing hard core v-ball for 2 hours no breakes or very small breaks. Last week was b-ball. The elder from the Islands is from Kiribiti and pronouned kitipis.
Tu hijo,
Elder Swanger

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