Elder Swanger has been called to serve in the Tulsa Oklahoma, spanish speaking mission.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dustin was spotted!

How many times did you see Dustin? When we got to watch the P-session in between sessions on Sunday, we saw him 7 times. He told me when he got to call me, that he spotted himself 8 times. He also said that when he was trying not to smile is when he saw himself on the monitor. He said that he is not nervous at all about going out into the mission field, he could hardly wait to get there. He first went to the Mission Home in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The next day he went to his first assigned area: Rogers, Arkansas.

10 Oct. 2010. Today during Fast and Testimony Meeting we learned that Brother Alfredo Chandia and Ben Chandia were in the audience at the Priesthood session of conference. The were in the front section of the Conference Center but on the opposite side, but they were able to get a couple glimpses of him and of course on the monitor.

We also had a surprise visitor, Sister Allred. She came with her family to Sacrament meeting. She was one of the Sister missionaries that taught JR the discussions in our home. So now I guess I should update you all on JR. He is still living with his grandparents in Montana and going to school there. He started going on splits with the Elders as soon as he arrived there and got involved with the young adult program. He helped teach a man in his 20's who got baptized within a month of JR's arrival. He is now helping to re-activate a family. We are very proud of JR, his testimony, and his determination to do what is right.

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  1. Correction: Wayne Mitchell is in his 80s I believe... or is getting there. And it took until September 17th for him to decide to get baptized (everyone had been working on him for 3 years when I got there and they went through a LOT of missionaries). The men can't go on splits anymore because we now have Sister Missionaries. And YSA activities have pretty much come to a standstill for me due to a lack of ability to get into Helena, since my usual ride doesn't want to waste the gas (I don't blame her though, it's a half hour drive) because she has college classes at the community college in Helena within only a few hours of the activities and she has plenty of things to do while waiting.

    A small update on myself: Right now, I'm waiting for Bishop Davis to tell me when I can start filling out my mission paperwork. College will come after I get back.