Elder Swanger has been called to serve in the Tulsa Oklahoma, spanish speaking mission.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

29 November 2010

We put up our Christmas tree and Elder Tarati was the one that tryed to put it up the frist time and it was the first time that he built a Christmas tree. You can see in the picture that made it upside down. Thats why there is a huge gap in the middle of the tree. It;s all good though. It has been fixed the tree is up and the lights are pretty. Oh just so you know I haven't tryed to print the pictures but I cna't even see them when I try to look at them on the camara so I don't thing that that will work. O elder Tarati has been being taught slang and man It is so funny to hear this elder say things like " That's lagit" and " Cool Peanuts" that is would he sometime says for cool beans. Right now the work is very slow and we have been knocking alot of doors but we have been getting alot of people that have some potential. The other day we PLANED to be knocking on doors for 4 hours. By the way that is really long time, that goes by really fast. We did find one couple that we met with twice this week and they are awsome. They are Matrin and Yolanda. Yolanda works on sunday and she said at our second visist that she will start looking for another job so that she can go to church. Martin says that he knows by reading the first few pages that the Book of Mormon is true. Tonight we are taking them over to the branch presidents house for family Home Evening. We told the branch council about thema and that they have a baptismal date and they jusmp right on to getting the plan of what THEY want to do to help them get ready. We have a member that is going to be coming over with us every week and they want us to do a chapel tour on thursday with a member there. It is great the branch here is very missionary oriented, seeing as most of them were baptized.
Oh, if you didn't make the stones for the lesson that I have made now I had an Idea. For the person that is going to represent sin you can do the marble thing and put a piece of wax paper in the front of the picture then it will look cloudy. Then do the same picture and just do it normal. I got a Dear Elder this week. It was a mass letter to all the missionaries in the ward and sent by Hno. Chandia. I have already sent him a letter. I knew that he was working at BYU but I didn't know what he has been doing there. OH. I will forgive y'all for the lack of communication this week ... if I get a letter. lol. I am making the list of all of the families that I will want to visit. some of them are already friends with me on Facebook. At least that is what they told me. There is Santiago and Jenny Castillo and La Familia Oliva y La Familia Gonzalez y uno o dos otras familias. All of these people speak english or their are people in the family that speak english.
Right now I don't know what else to write. Oh Christmas! I need ideas for Alisha for Christmas.

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