Elder Swanger has been called to serve in the Tulsa Oklahoma, spanish speaking mission.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

6 December 2010

I don't really have Ideas for myself like always and for my companion I think that recesses peanut butter cups would be good for him. He is running low on candy. You could ask Dad some of the things that he got or even Joe. I hope that there are pictures in the package. There is another picture that I would like. Of Joe. because of a suggestion from the people that run the MTC, I would like a picture of him with his cane and sunglasses on. It is part of the new teaching suggestion that they are asking that we use example of everything that are more personal to us and our family. And it is even in my PB (patriarchal blessing).

The running is good. I am going to put my bike in the bike shop because I let another elder use it until he got his from home and he crashed and messed up the tires and shifters and I have no idea how to fix it. I was going to use my card today to get a pillow, but I will wait till I get my new card. When he ( Dustin's companion) goes out jogging I ride his bike. I can't keep up and still don't want to run so that was the compromise. Please mark packages that are for Christmas that they are for Christmas so I can put them under the tree.

First part

I would have been here typing earlier but in the parking lot we were hit by another car and the forms that we had to fill out took a long time. I really feel sorry for him because right after we got done filling out the paper work he tried to pull out again and hit another car.

The people that I am really happy that we met is Martin and Yolanda. On the second visit with them Yolanda said that she will quit her job so she can go to church, and her husband has rearranged his horario so he can come to church too. The branch want to have them baptized before the end of the year so that they can meet their goal of 10 baptisms this year. I don't think that we will be able to teach them everything that we have to before Christmas. That’s when the branch has already planed the baptism. A White Christmas is what they are calling it and if they are not going to have a baptism then there is another activity that they have planed that is centered on baptism for them to go to. My companion is going on exchanged because he is the District leader and I will be teaching them solo. Well there is a member that will be going out with me but I will be the only missionary that speaks Spanish.

We are going to try to have the Christmas picture taken today to send out so That is why I need the addresses of the grandparents. Hey try Takis they are really good Fuego is the best flavor. They are hispanic chips basicly

*Leah asked, “how is your Spanish now?

intiendo mas cada dia, poco a poco. tengo menos un minute (more every day, little by little. I have about a minute)


oh yea. Who was over at the Wiberg’s and who was in the picture that you sent me. It is crazy that you got so much snow. I just asked for an idea for Christmas and no one has an Idea. Elder Tarati says candy, lol. He loves chocolate. Hey would Val like to have someone to be a pen pal with because there are a lot of people here that are trying to learn English. You can write Santiago Castillo. This is what Elder Tarati says: "neico" that is what he calls me because I call him "mijo". They both mean like my son or something like that.

NO tengo tiempo entonces.

Con mi amor, tu hijo

Dustin Swanger

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