Elder Swanger has been called to serve in the Tulsa Oklahoma, spanish speaking mission.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

13 December 2010

Dustin-PB is Patriarchal Blessing, or benediction patriarchal. I found out that we are going to be at a members house from maybe 12 to 4 on Christmas, if you want to send me a time that you would like me to call around then would be great. I am going shopping today right after our normal shopping to get some Christmas gifts. I will hopefully find a good place to take a picture and sent you a Christmas picture. Also an Elder here in my apartment is just going to have the gifts that the president of the mission gave him for Christmas and the Christmas card that we got from the first presidency for Christmas. I thought that was really sad. And JR told me that he talked to you and I know that I am going to hear it on Christmas when I call or even sooner in a letter but I will wait to tell the story over the phone.

I am going to try to find something that is unique to this area to sent you for Christmas and we are going to the mall today so that shouldn't be that hard. More Ideas for Christmas is ear muffs, scarf (the gator messes up my hair and it is not easy to fix once it is dry), wool socks. It is cold and the wind here as everyone says has teeth.

Leah-About the cold there, I will see if anyone needs ideas for you still before I go and get some for you.

Dustin-I had the traditional cookies already! Someone gave the other elders in my apartment peanut butter blossoms and they let me eat most of them. I don't know if they just didn't like them or what but those cookies are only made on special occasions. I am companions with the district leader and so I get the privilege on getting to know everyone by way of exchanges. There are a lot of really strange people, but to my surprise they have about the same hobbies as I did before my mission or really want to start doing things like what I did. My companion even cut stones on P-day in his last area. Not the same way as I did.

The best thing about the exchanges is that I am learning Spanish so much faster and learning the area really well. This week I might have 2-4 exchanges and this would be the first time that I am leaving the area. Zone Leader exchanges are the most fun. I don't really know why but this week I really don't know what to say.

Leah-Do we need to send extra stuff for the elder in your apartment?

Leah- Does that elder need ear muffs and scarf too?

Dustin-That would be cool if you did but that is up to you. I need a calendar for the year and If you got one that is tropical I think that He would love it.

Dustin-Cool I think that you are an awesome MOM but you are my only mom. lol what did JR tell you?

Leah-He is doing good there. His Mom should be there for Christmas! She won a lot of money in the divorce. He wishes he could come see us.

What does your needy elder need. What is his name?

Dustin-Elder Tarati. His family sent a package but he thinks it is just a normal package of letters from the people on his Island and they sent it on the beginning of the month so It won't get here until after the new year. What did JR tell you about what I asked him for Christmas, if he told you he hinted that he did.

Dustin-He is planning on getting a scarf but I can work with the other elder (his companion to stop him) if you want to get one for him. There are no earmuffs here we checked. So, yes for the second.

Leah-okay, we will send 2 sets.

Leah-Oh, now I know what you are talking about. I will see what I can do, but you shouldn't be even thinking about that till you get home!

Dustin-I woke up one morning and had the impression that I should be writing her but I only think about that on P-day. I am too busy the rest of the time to think about anything else. I do all the paper work every night because my companion isn't there a lot of the time at the appointment that I am doing the paper work on (exchanges) and I am always busy with something. I can tell you the rest of the story over the letter.

Dustin-oh just for fun. to be snotty. Dad wrote you while he was on a mission and married you (not the person that he started off writing) Why can't I write some one? Besides that If I don't get the address then I am sure that at least one elder would write you and ask for you to send it to me. The other elders call their girls a motivation and I don't really agree with that but ya.

Leah-Yea, okay, what ever

Dustin-I thought you would like that. just because I am running out of things to write.

Leah-What time do you want to call us. Morning or evening?

Dustin-OK my time is up I got to go. Love and bye for now. and I will tell you the story later.

Dustin-The result of our accident last week and where I was at this week.

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