Elder Swanger has been called to serve in the Tulsa Oklahoma, spanish speaking mission.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Leah--We actually have snow before thanksgiving.

Dustin--Thats not fair I want to get snow here! We are playing in the branch turkey bowl it is awsome. We will be playing soccer and the other spanish group of elders are coming down and we are playing them. The books that I sent were given to us buy a member that moved down to Utah and they didn't have room and I thought that It would be fun to have the books after I got home. One of them is called "Grapes of Wraith and we are not supposted to read it as missionaries but everyone says that it is very good. So I sent it home. I have my second companion and am learning things so much faster. We have gotten lost several Times already even with a GPS. No, I don't print the emails because that would cost money. I am staying prety warm but the president told us because we are both new to this area that we need to get vest jackets to wear under the suit. They have some cool ones over at Rue 21. The young men here are all getting them from here. Hey I will be sending out Christmas cards I will send one for the primary.
I already got the pictures from the email (I sent pics of how we painted his room and how the computer room looks), but I don't think they will print but I wil let you know when I go to walmart. My new companion wants to learn how to cook. So we are going to be cooking a little more which is cool. Oh I am 32x32 for the pants. My companion is diabetic and so the package that he got from his family, half for me, was full of candy.
We will be putting up our Christmas tree soon. It will be good fun. We don't have anything but lights. Oh, If there are candy canes that are spearmint can you sent some. I will use them to mix my hot cocoa. and to decorate the tree because there is only lights.

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