Elder Swanger has been called to serve in the Tulsa Oklahoma, spanish speaking mission.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

19 January 2011

Let's get caught up.

Answering your questions:

No school today so I will work with Shaylee to get a pic of you singing at Gen. Conf. on their TV.

Already used everything GG Wiberg has for music. Will add Mo. Tab from Shaylee & Joe.

Food for someone needs to go through local priesthood.

GPS $120 + more $ for maps (will think about it) Transmitter - will do for birthday or sooner

New hymn book? haven't heard anything about a new one & checked online - none

B of M with music behind it. not on distribution web site or Deseret book. What we do have is called "Joseph Smith the prophet" recorded live at Abravanel Hall in Salt Lake City. It has readings from the scriptures with music behind it. I will put the first vision one on the ipod so you can see if you want me to send a cd or should I just put it all on the ipod? It is about Joseph Smith's life (very powerful), read from the scriptures.

JR's address: 15 Doe Ln. Townsend, MT 59644

Questions & comments:

DVD's - D & C Resource DVD (Spanish is on back order) or Restoration or both?

Is there other music besides TSO that needs to be removed from ipod?

I went to the bank and asked about your card. Good news, it has not been blocked. You should remember that Shaylee's card didn't work at some cash registers at Wal-mart. When it won't take your pin, run it as a credit purchase. Try typing your pin in slowly, that works for me when a machine won't take my pin. I type it in too fast.

Call 24. Are you calling the 888 number? They said at the bank, that the 888.733.4372 number is the one you use when not in the area. I just tried your call 24 and had not problem. (0328) It is sometimes easier to do if the phone is on speaker. Let me know if you want me to change your pin. My guess is that you were calling the 509 number.

I'm going to renew the New Era for JR, so let me know if you want me to order one or both DVD's for you. I will have them sent directly to you.

Is there 4 elders in your apartment? So there are 4 of you re-opening the area?

When I get some pics developed, I will send you the latest pic of Tori. She hasn't changed much at all. Gotten funnier though. She does a funny monkey face.

Joe is doing a lot of Subbing again. He really likes being able to to do that.

Shaylee and I are learning a new form of art called zentangle. It is really just doodling. I will send you an example. I want to do my own valentine cards.

Dad and I are still getting compliments on our talks from last week, so I guess we did good. Dad and I are also working on getting better about going to the temple. Once a month for sure, but I hope to go more often than that.

Sorry this turned out so long, I tried to keep everything brief.

Love ya,


i think that the TSO is just the only thing that has to be yanked out of the ipod and i have heard the joseph smith story with the music and i like it. i didn't know how much the Gps is but really would be useful. we are constantly stealling the other elders GPS in the apartment. yes there are 4 of us here but we are re-opening the spanish work in this area the other elders were still there becuase they are the zone leaders.

Is the transmitter part of the Gps? soory but my shift is not working on this computer. there are no others:( yes it is the D&C resouce dVD. we use it a little when we teach some English people but can't otherwize. From Shay for the music I REally want the hymnplicity. It is beautiful. are you there today?

pics i hope they are of me lol cemitary i was looking at the recent graves. (my companion had my camara because his died) plus a pic of me companion at a good restuarante, armadillo

The old fort smith stuff, scary at first. I think that the food is going up in quality.

the armaillo video

almost hafl of the spanish missionaries,again my companion a little better picture. i did this to take the pictures off of my companions card. this one and the last two emails.

We think that jabeneros are weak! and really wierd they are sweet! this is all i need to make my mouth burn of the new crazy hot stuff that we got. so hot it has a warning label. we want 357 maddog. that is the hottest in the world and it would last us all the rest of our mission. This is our collection and all are weak even the habenero! lol i am crazy.

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