Elder Swanger has been called to serve in the Tulsa Oklahoma, spanish speaking mission.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

So what day to you get to email in this area? Tell me about the storm that ended or began the new year.
Tori is walking good now. We (dad and I) spent a couple days there after Ensign Ranch. Alisha is showing, we find out what she is having in a couple days.
New Years eve we went to Diana and Matt's bon fire till about 8pm and then went home to bed. We had just gotten home a couple hours earlier from Alisha and Marc's.
Are you and your comp getting along?
We are going to have to start a map of where the storms hit aren't we? Did you have a tornado warning go off?
Are you two assigned to wards or the whole stake?
Did you get an email from Nichole?
Are you going to have a set time that you are on your email?
Sorry, lots of questions. We had fun talking to you on Christmas!
Love you,

Yes my comp is awesome and we are going to have a great transfer. We are re opening an area and have like nothing to do but are working really hard to find people that we can teach. No that was not in my area but we did get the thunder after the storm. The energy was almost gone by the time it hit us. yes the time that I am going to emailing is the same and I liked answering questions. I work over the whole stake but have a ward that I am to go to for church. I am in an english ward with a spanish group and we have to translate for them but not this sunday because testimony meeting was seperate. don't have time will send letter got alot of emails today.

Well did you get any of the tornado that went between the new area and your old area? Or did you get you first real actual warning?
The new year is here and things are starting to get back to normal, school and work starts again,
Tori, Alisha's daughter is real fun to play with she has real personality, mom should have pictures.
It is real cold here lately, Leah now understands why you need ear muffs and scarfs to keep warm.
How was your first holiday season in the mission field?
Love dad

The first holiday was Thanksgiving but Christmas was fun because we were at the members house all day because they adopted us and we played games and talked and just had a good old time. They spoke english so I could actually have non gospel conversations. but My new companion has been studying spanish for 6 or 7 years before and I am learning super quick from him and he is teaching me all sorts of vocab. oh there is some really funny anti around here. and there is one person that I met that says that his tribe makes plates of metal to write on! that is cool and really believes everything! some time I will be cuting stones with him. It is his tradition with the missionaries.

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