Elder Swanger has been called to serve in the Tulsa Oklahoma, spanish speaking mission.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

23 January 2011

Dustin finally put a date on a letter.
18 Jan 2011

Hey Ja familio,

You can ask JR what I wrote him. I don’t want to write it all again. I might put it in the e-mail though. We volunteered to help out the young men in our ward with basketball and that was two hours out of our prep-day and so far that has messed everything up. We hardly had room to do anything so we have to do other random things throughout the week. Today we are finishing our laundry and getting our car fixed. Tomorrow we are going to e-mail.

We have one new investigator, that is awesome! His name is Alex. His mom thinks that we are there just to add numbers to our church so today we are going to his basketball game to prove her wrong and to show our dedication. Alex is younger than 10. We are teaching another person about his age. I really like teaching kids, they remember everything and it all seems right to them. I will send a video of my companion. Oh, I like hot sauces’ a lot now! Not as much as my companion. We are on our way back to the apartment for lunch and stopped at this sub store and he got this hot sauce and it is so hot that it has a warning label! It is really hot! But really good. You will think I am crazy but jalapenos are not hot, but are sweet. I like the habaneras sauce that we have to; it is also not very hot. This new stuff is good and HOT.

I know that nothing may have happened and I haven’t read your e-mail yet but one thing I realized is that I am close to my six month mark L. But I am no longer a new missionary as of one month ago. I will send my SD card home on Monday. We are doing a lazy day. We are both really tired and need a relaxing day. One where we are not quite sight seeing all day.

Les amo,

Dustin Swanger

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