Elder Swanger has been called to serve in the Tulsa Oklahoma, spanish speaking mission.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

24 January 2011

I am so sore. Dad & I joined club 24 and we did our first work out on Saturday. I forgot how sore you get when you first start out. This week is not going to be fun.
Have you got your schedule straightened out so you can email on Monday’s again? Or are you going to me emailing on a different day?

You are teaching 2 nine yr olds? How do their parents feel about that? Do they sit in on the lessons? Spanish or English? How do you like translating? Are you learning more, faster that way?

The family of GGW are singing in stake conf in a couple weeks. Along with the families: Magelby, Furniss, Deford, and two other families that I don't know. Fun and easy song by Sally DeFord. I know, easy? Yes, this one is and it is not real high at all.

I'm going to have Joe pick out some Mormon tab songs for you. They have a lot of Mo Tab. Gotta get back to work. Short, short day today!

Yah, the schedule is all good and I will almost always be here at 10 or 1030. We are teaching a 11 year and 8 year old. The 8 year old we found his grandpa while walking to an appointment and we started to teach him and his grandson is interested even more that his grandpa. So we are focusing on him. The 11 year old basically the same story except we were just about to drop his dad and then the son was asked if he wanted to listen and at the end of the lesson we asked if the father would want the son to be baptized and he said yes but he need to understand the commitment of doing so. So we are teaching him now. And so yes their parents sit in on the lessons and we teach in both English and Spanish. I have not translated yet. I was going to translate this Sunday but we had a member come up and ask to translate. She is very active in the group and speaks perfect English so we said yes and listened to her translation and compared it to what they were saying in English and that was very cool.

What do you mean the GGW family? all the cousins and all that too? That is fun.

Do you still have my sansa? could you just send that with the cord in the next package? plus the other chop stick. And Joe can just put all the mo tab on there, becuase it is allowed but I love hymnplicity. I am also getting other CDs from members and other Missionaires that they got approved.

This week the mission president is coming down to do a training with the bishops and the ward missionary leaders because they have not been doing their jobs because they don't know how, so the stake has asked for this training. He will probably come to the apartment on Thursday. I like him he is smart and funny.

There is a lot that is allowed that the missionaries can do you just have to ask. there are a lot of movies that are allowed for us to watch like the other side of heaven. We watch that last Monday. We grabbed a TV and the sofas from the foyer and watch it in the gym with popcorn.

Singing: just dad, shaylee, joe, val and I. Those that are in our stake. Do I need to edit what is on the sansa?

no plz don't edit what is on the sansa. I will have some one do that here we have a member that has told us to use her for things like that. but if you really what you can take off things like the simple plan and rockappella. but plz don't take off the classical. I guess you could send me a list of things you want to take off of it and I can approve it. You there today?

Leah: Did JR tell you, his dad, real dad contacted him on facebooK?

Dustin: NO what is going on with that?

oh I orders a D&C DVD set in Spanish and I don't know how but I need to get CTR rings the cheap ones. I just looked on the lds store and they don't sell those there. I really need some like 10 pk English and 10 pk Spanish.

His dad promised his mom that he would contact his kids when they were old enough. I told him to get all the genealogy he can from him. JR said "the Lord works in mysterious ways”. I see it as a blessing because of the timing.

The stuffed animals in the apartment. The Monkey is my companions and the cheer bear is Elder Woodwards. The Streets are very confusing here the people that designed the streets for all the cities here were not thinking. You should tell me how many 5 way intersections there are because I know of 3 or 4 and there are 1 or 2 6 ways. they are crazy!

Leah: AWWWW! Do you need a sleeping buddy? Are you sending me your SD card?

only if it is fun like the monkey. The name is Jorge by the way. There are a lot of missionaries that have bears but with the build a bear everyone is making them and sending them out so they can't send them back. Oh the reason I don't want you to edit the sansa is becuase I can do that here and there is music that no one else has like music therapy. I can put other CDs on there. We have cool members that love doing the music thing.

Sound good. Are you going to go through the ward to get the ctr rings?

I will be sending the SD soon I have to print a lot of pictures still but I am doing that today it is on my shopping list so I don't forget. Did JR tell you about the letter I sent him? The family that I told him about is awesome. They have a huge collection on music stuff, old and fantasy weapons (even from other cultures mainly middle east), and language stuff. They have Persian and Arabic signs all over their walls, and she has a book that she thinks is the first 4 books of the old testament and from the time period. She asked me to translate it because we were talking about languages and that is why she showed us the book, her most prized possession. I am going to get some pictures of it and send them home. We might be eating with her latter this week and I will get the area that the book was found in and the language that she thinks it is in.

She somehow knew that I was doing a tour of the mission right after I end and wants a visit and I have only met her that one time. This had me excited for the rest of the night.

I don't know how she would know that you wanted to do a tour of your mission at the end of it. but i do need to know about the ctr rings are you going to ask the primary president in your ward to order you some?

I might just order some so I can always have them with me. But I could ask the primary president here. She is the person I just told you about.

Leah: If you can't order them, I will.

K you should just do that because I was on the Deseret site and still could not find the pks. Another missionary here says that they have them 10 for a dollar but I can't find them but if you are going to order them from LDS distribution them tell me and I will order them with my discount.
well I have got to be going soon to go shopping. : )
con amor adios

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